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The back-propagation algorithm comes in the step 4 and allows the calculation of the gradient required for the optimization techniques. Computing an analytical expression for the gradient is straightforward. However, numerically evaluating such an expression is computationally expensive. Back-propagation algorithm allows the calculation using a relatively simple and inexpensive procedure.

Extreme Optimization Numerical Libraries For Net Crack

Optimization is a vast ocean in itself and is extremely interesting. In the context of deep learning the optimization objective is to minimize the cost function with respect to the model parameters i.e. the weight matrices.

Full-fledged finite element analysis configured for crack growth simulation is extremely expensive. Therefore, it is simply not feasible for digital twin applications. This is true even if we were to run simulations for hundreds of aircraft many times over, as we optimized inspections and decided how to swap routes for a few aircraft. A parameterized physics-driven AI model is constructed in Modulus that satisfies the governing laws of linear elasticity, as follows:


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