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NBA Live 2004

For 2004, the player can expect an expanded EA Sports Freestyle control scheme, allowing the player to pull off plays by simply using the right analog stick in collaboration with the player's movement with the left analog stick. Dynasty mode has also been upgraded, with the opportunity of expanding the player's squad with the top free agents and rookies from the college leagues.

NBA Live 2004

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Also welcome is the ten-point motion capture that makes the player animations silky-smooth and fun to watch, if you have slightly blurred vision. Yes kids, it's that time again where we shake our heads at the pre-generational graphics from EA. The player models themselves are so terrible. EA can get away with it in Madden as per the helmets. But in the NBA, the lack of detail really dates the look of Live 2004.

Unless you want to go online with the PS2 version, $50 is a lot to pay for a new roster each year. Add in sloppy, almost cheap, defense and a Dynasty mode that's not finely tuned and you have an update only the hardcore Live 2004 followers should pick up.

When your playing NBA live 2004 press x and b at the same time. Then your bound to make MOST of your shots. Be careful with this hint because if you try to make a three pointer you may make a lay-up! That's almost impossible!

EA's NBA Live 2004 is at number seven in the chart, and is the only western-developed title in the chart this week. It lands in just ahead of a somewhat unusual new entry - namely a PSone title, Sister Princess 2: Premium Fan Disc, which appears at number eight in the charts. Unsurprisingly, this is the latest product based on a hugely popular anime and renai (dating) game franchise.

TORONTO, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Hip Gear(TM), a division of Hip Interactive Corp. and Canada's largest third party accessories provider, today announced its full line of accessories for the new Nintendo DS(TM) console... Read more... September 29, 2004 Yamauchi Announces Advanced New Animation Studio by Ty Shughart - 1:17 pm EDT Total comments: 24Source:

In addition to the built-in instant-messaging PictoChat feature, Nintendo... Read more... September 28, 2004 Warp Pipe Hints at New Project for DS by Jonathan Metts - 10:39 pm EDT Total comments: 23Source: Warp Pipe Technologies

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI - News) announced today that the company's first title for the Nintendo DS video game platform will be the video game Spider-Man... Read more... September 21, 2004 Call of Duty: Finest Hour Trailer GC by Jonathan Metts - 10:53 pm EDT Discuss in talkback!Source: Activision

Acclaim has trumpeted the latest addition to the NBA Jam series at a press event in the US. The word for stat aficionados is that there'll be more than 300 players and all 29 current NBA sides. In addition to the current playing staff, NBA Jam 2004 will also include 60 of the sport's greats in a special "legends tournament". Playing through said tourney unlocks each NBA legend for use in the rest of the game.

But bonus materials, stats and officialdom aren't the traits I remember NBA Jam for, and Acclaim seems to understand. Like EA's competing NBA Street (which was resurrected recently and suddenly, after a rather feeble outing on PS2 and an aborted Cube version, to compete with Acclaim), Jam 2004 will be a game of three-on-three with lots of signature moves, gravity and physics defying dunks and all the showmanship and fast pace that built the classic Jams into such an enjoyable series.

As confirmed in the publisher's first schedule of 2003, NBA Jam 2004 is due out later this year on PS2, Xbox and Cube. However, if EA can endear NBA Street to the public with Volume 2 (which we're already playing in the office), then Acclaim could be, well, in a bit of a jam.

If Garnett finishes the season in the top spot, he'll be the first Celtics player to finish in the top five in jersey sales since Paul Pierce came in fifth during the 2003-04 season. It's also one of the rare times that a big man is on the top of the list. Shaquille O'Neal last took the jersey title after he was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Miami Heat in 2004. 041b061a72


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