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Tomb Raider Legend Download Cracked

Tomb Raider: Legend is the seventh part of the cult Tomb Raider series. The image of the tomb raider Lara Croft is familiar to many. An incredible beauty who is also smart and has a couple of pistols - so it's better not to argue with her. Tomb Raider: Legend is considered the turning point of the series.

tomb raider legend download cracked

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For some reason, many belittle the importance of the plot in Tomb Raider games, but it is there, and, most often, quite interesting. It is from this part that the full story begins - the previous six games are not related to each other. When Lara was a 9-year-old child, she and her mother flew over the Himalayas. There was a plane crash, but the young Croft and her mother survived and began to explore the surroundings. Lara, like a very curious child, became interested in the sword in the stone, and without thinking about the consequences, took it out. With this, she activated an ancient artifact. The mother, protecting her daughter, disappeared into the opened portal. After many years, Lara decided to return to that place and found an old friend there, who apparently pursues the same goal as she. The tomb raider goes in search of the sword.


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